About Us

Horn and Shield Consulting LLC is a personal development and management consulting company located in Atlanta, GA that specializes in helping businesses and people achieve Success. Horn and Shield Consulting provides coaching, consulting and speaking services, as well as courses, seminars, workshops and other products designed to help businesses and people create a vision or strategy for their life or business, perform to the maximum of their ability and to be as effective as possible.


Our mission is to empower men and believers to live a purposeful and abundant life through Christ-like living.. We help people leverage their talents and God-given ability to live life more abundantly to achieve the promise that God has given them and achieve success in their life, career and/or business.


Our vision is that we help each person create and execute a vision for their life, that creates in them hope, purpose and a passion for life and we help people maximize and leverage their talents to achieve wealth.


Our values serve as our standard of operation and the guidepost from which dictates how we do business. Our business primary guide post is that wealth and success starts with a foundation of righteous living. Some of our values also include:

  • Love: Putting others interest above our own.
  • Passion: Put our all in what we do, the consequences will always be the best results for our clients.
  • Truth: Tell the truth and tell it often.
  • Humility: Avoid arrogance and pride.
  • Wisdom: To be governed by what is wise; to seek understanding and knowledge of what is right.
  • Giving: To freely give in our gifts, talents and resources.
  • Fruits: To always display and be governed by the fruits of the Spirit.