Biography Picture

Damien Horn is the C.E.O of Horn and Shield Consulting, a personal development and management consulting company and the creator of the Optimize 360 System and Optimize University. As a Peak Performance Strategist and Optimal Living Expert, speaker and coach, Damien empowers everyday people to live extraordinary lives by helping people optimize their lives. Through biblical and marketplace principles, Damien helps people create strategies for success to further their own personal development, their career or business.

Damien helps people get the most out of their life by helping create a vision and plan for their life, create a foundation for success, leverage their gifts and talents to find wealth and success and help people shift their perception toward successful thinking.

As an entrepreneur, Damien is passionate in helping other business owners find wealth through building successful business and navigating through the many frustration facing today’s business owners. Damien believes “to live a truly abundant life, there must a balance between personal and business achievement”.

Prior to becoming a business owner, Damien worked as a construction project manager and has worked on projects with budgets over million until he became tired of just going through the motions and decided to follow his passion of helping others breakthrough barriers in their life, career or business. Damien is a graduate of Georgia State University, where he received two degrees as well as his Master’s from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

When Damien moved on from his high paying job, he realized “Sometimes you have to go into an unfamiliar situation by yourself and succeed before people will follow you. So don’t be afraid to take the next steps by yourself.” The time is now for you to take the next steps!