Business Plan

The first step of starting a business is creating a business plan. We can help our clients turn their business ideas into professionally made business plans. Our business plans are customized to the client’s needs, business ideas, and goals. Business plans are effective for both startup companies and existing companies trying to plan ahead and create business strategies.

According to the SBA, an entrepreneur spends over 400 hours creating a business plan. Unlike online websites companies that provide generic business plans, our company provides the expertise to help our clients through the whole process. We enable our clients to concentrate their resources on other aspects of their business, while we carefully craft their business plan. We help our clients overcome any gaps and avoid costly oversights and delays in the development of the business.

A business plan service multiple functions, including help the client test the feasibility of their business idea. A business plan is the starting point to determine whether there is a market for a business idea and whether the business can succeed based on analysis of the target market, competitiveness of the industry, and projected financials of the company among other components. Business plans are also used to secure funding from banks or investors by showing project profit and loss and start up expenses among other business specifics. Business Plans are also action plan that sets company goals, benchmark metrics and help determine business requirements.


Our goal at Horn and Shield Consulting is to offer our clients affordable pricing and the best value in the industry. Here are some of our starting prices for our business plan services:

  • Standard Business Plan – $600
  • Detailed Business Plan – $850
  • Financial Plan – $400

Business Plan Types

Our standard business plan is typically range between 12 to 15 pages and includes the basic items that are necessary to complete a business plan.

Our detailed business plans includes all the topics and sub-topics that are included in the standard business plus around 50% more topics. Detailed business plan are about 25 pages long.

Our business plans are customized to meet your needs, topics can be added, subtracted or altered to meet your specific needs.