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Get Results: 3 Ways to Improve Productivity

Results are usually the separating factor in the marketplace and in the workplace between the people who succeed and the people who fail. People in the marketplace (or workplace) can thrive for a short time if they have a great image, brand, marketing, etc., but as great as those things are they will only get you so far, because eventually Continue Reading...

Branding vs. Marketing: Are They The Same Thing?

Branding and Marketing are two words that are often intertwined together; we hear the two phrases all the time, but do you ever wonder what they really mean and how are they different? They are two words that are often overused and sometimes used in the same context and because they are so closely related people might mistake them to Continue Reading...

Elevate Your Situation: How to Move Beyond A Bad Situation

From time to time, we can find ourselves headed down the wrong path and we get the feeling that things are spiraling out of control and you start to get that feeling that you can’t keep this lifestyle up and if something doesn’t change you’ll hit rock bottom. There are a lot of different reasons why you might find yourself in a bad environment, it could be a situation we create ourselves, a result of the people we let around us or we might just find ourselves in a toxic environment.
It’s when things start to become bleak and you get that Usually at this time we feel hopeless and close to lifeless as our passion has left, but it’s that despair that creates an opportunity to elevate your situation. Here are a few tips on how you can start the process of separating yourself from a bad environment:

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