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  • Get Results: 3 Ways to Improve Productivity

    Results are usually the separating factor in the marketplace and in the workplace between the people who succeed and the people who fail. People in the marketplace (or workplace) can thrive for a short time if they have a great image, brand, marketing, etc., but as great as those things are they will only get you so far, because eventually people will look past the packaging and look at your actual results. And creating results is what will get you paid, whether it’s that the big contract you secure for your company or a big promotion, results is what gets you ahead. So the question is, “what can you do to get more results?” Today, I’m going to look at how you can improve your productivity so you can get more results and become more valuable in the marketplace. Here are three easy steps to get results, the key is not the simplicity of the steps but execution:
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  • Branding vs. Marketing: Are They The Same Thing?

    Branding and Marketing are two words that are often intertwined together; we hear the two phrases all the time, but do you ever wonder what they really mean and how are they different? They are two words that are often overused and sometimes used in the same context and because they are so closely related people might mistake them to mean the same thing. Today I will talk about why they are so similar and also how they are different. So first, we will take a look at how they are similar:
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  • Elevate Your Situation: How to Move Beyond A Bad Situation

    From time to time, we can find ourselves headed down the wrong path and we get the feeling that things are spiraling out of control and you start to get that feeling that you can’t keep this lifestyle up and if something doesn’t change you’ll hit rock bottom. There are a lot of different reasons why you might find yourself in a bad environment, it could be a situation we create ourselves, a result of the people we let around us or we might just find ourselves in a toxic environment.
    It’s when things start to become bleak and you get that Usually at this time we feel hopeless and close to lifeless as our passion has left, but it’s that despair that creates an opportunity to elevate your situation. Here are a few tips on how you can start the process of separating yourself from a bad environment:
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  • We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Tips for Creating a Winning Routine

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” Aristotle

    If you followed sports long enough, you may have realize that there are a few things that separate the average athletes from the above average athletes and the above average athletes from the elite athletes. On the playing field size, talent, and athletic ability is not enough to succeed when everyone is also talented; the thing that make some athletes elite is their focus, preparation and the routines they created to perfect their craft. Legendary athletes such as Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning, are known for either their training regiments or just their daily routines period; these athletes stick to these routines religiously. These routines often dictate what they do, who they do it with and when; everything was put in a certain order to maximize their gifts. As people who want to get more out of life, career or business, creating our own routines can help us not only prepare for success but also perform at the peak of our abilities. Here are a few tips when creating a routine:
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  • Rich Vs Wealthy

    Usually when we look at people that make a lot of money or have a lot of resources, we see people that are rich; but there are actually two separate classes of people, not all the people who generate a lot of money are created equal. Those two classes are those that are rich and those that are wealthy. It’s easy to confuse rich people as being wealthy because of the outward appearance but wealth isn’t about outward appearance, it’s a mindset. There are certain differences between how rich and wealth people think and act. One of the major differences is you don’t have to have a huge income to be wealthy, it helps to make a lot of money but the wealthy people do things with their money that other people don’t including the rich.
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