How to Create Balance (Video)

One of the struggles of life is when you find yourself going too much in one direction and doing it in a way that it negatively affects the other areas of your life. Creating balance in your life can help you optimize your time, energy and resources as well as get the most out of your life in terms of both enjoyment and accomplishments. Creating balance can also help you live a more complete life. So the next question is how do you find balance?

1. Prioritize
At the beginning of every week, two weeks or month; prioritize what your goals are or the primary activities that you want to accomplish during that time period. You can’t expect to create balance by just winging it; you need focus and a strategy. Ask yourself what goals and activities are important to you? Once you right down that list, rank them by what is more important. There are some things that you must accomplish and there are some things that can wait. What are those activities?

2. Create a Schedule
Next, create a schedule. When do you hope to complete your goals? Set time during a day when you plan to work on your goals or accomplish a specific activity like working out. One of the keys of creating a schedule is also being flexible; if you are like me, then sometimes, you underestimate the time it takes to accomplish a task. An errand that you think should only take an hour, actually takes you four hours to complete and can throw off the rest of your schedule. When you create your schedule, make sure you give yourself some leeway.

3. Address Major Areas of Your Life
When you create your goals and schedule, you want to make sure you address all the major areas of your life, for example don’t create only work goals, but also include personal goals such as taking time to work out or read. You should also include goals for how much time you would like to spend family and friends as well as rest and relaxation goals. Include whatever other major life areas you feel it’s important to add. By linking your schedule to the major areas of your life you will create balance and also increase productivity.

4. Reflection
Last, to create balance, you need to focus on where you are, where you been and where you want to go. Reflection is another key to creating balance. Take some time and reflect on how well you are addressing the major areas of your life and your goals. Ask yourself how well are your progressing and if there needs to be any adjustments? This reflection should be a time when you have the most down time, maybe late Sunday night or early morning before you go to work or maybe during lunch, just choose a time that fits best for you.

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