Elevate Your Situation: How to Move Beyond A Bad Situation

From time to time, we can find ourselves headed down the wrong path and we get the feeling that things are spiraling out of control and you start to get that feeling that you can’t keep this lifestyle up and if something doesn’t change you’ll hit rock bottom. There are a lot of different reasons why you might find yourself in a bad environment, it could be a situation we create ourselves, a result of the people we let around us or we might just find ourselves in a toxic environment.
It’s when things start to become bleak and you get that Usually at this time we feel hopeless and close to lifeless as our passion has left, but it’s that despair that creates an opportunity to elevate your situation. Here are a few tips on how you can start the process of separating yourself from a bad environment:

1. Start with Yourself: Elevate your situation
The first thing you have to do is evaluate what you can do. To move beyond a bad situation you must first start with yourself and acknowledge that it doesn’t matter why you are in the situation you are in; it is your responsibility to make a change to take control of your life, because you have the most at stake. So to start, evaluate what you can do and start by doing positive things and moving in the positive direction. As the old saying goes, misery Loves Company; you have to destroy what destroys you, so if you start moving in a positive direction negativity and especially negative people won’t follow for long. Ask yourself: How did you get to where you are today? Evaluate what is making the situation bad and the cause and effects. Then start moving a more positive direction. Need a suggestion in how to move in the right direction? Volunteer, there is nothing better than getting out of a funk than helping other people that are less fortunate. It also helps you appreciate life more.

2. Seek Multiple Advisers: Speak to outside trusted adviser
Sometimes, we know we are in a bad situation, but we don’t know what is the exact cause or what to do next. In this situation, talking to a trusted adviser that is unbiased can help. A trusted adviser could be a professional like a psychologist or counselor, minister at church or a trusted friend or acquaintance that isn’t directly involved in negative environment. Also don’t stop at just one person, speak to many trusted advisers, for as Proverbs 15:22 says “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”

3. Communicate
For some of us, especially me, we don’t like to talk about what’s going on, especially if it is something that puts us in a negative light; but when you do not communicate to those around you, you place a burden on yourself. As you evaluate your situation and get advice, then don’t be afraid to let those close to you know what you are going through and also where you are going. Be transparent about what you are doing and what you plan to do to improve your help; those close to you can help provide emotional support. Also, sometimes you will have to have a difficult conversation with those in your life that you need to distance yourself from and let them know face to face (keep the conversation positive and focus on the positive changes you are making.)

4. Renew Your Spiritual Life
The last and probably the most important point, is this is an opportunity to renew your spiritual life. Think about where you are spiritually and where you want to be in a year from now, what spiritual growth you would like to achieve. Even in the worst situations, having a positive spiritual life can help you not only maintain perspective of how things are going in your life but also give some peace and comfort that everything will work out.

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Damien Horn is the C.E.O of Horn and Shield Consulting, a personal development and management consulting company and the creator of the Optimize 360 System and Optimize University. As a Peak Performance Strategist and Optimal Living Expert, speaker and coach, Damien empowers everyday people to live extraordinary lives by helping people optimize their lives. Through biblical and marketplace principles, Damien helps people create strategies for success to further their own personal development, their career or business. Join the Success Movement at www.damienlhorn.com !

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