Get Results: 3 Ways to Improve Productivity

Results are usually the separating factor in the marketplace and in the workplace between the people who succeed and the people who fail. People in the marketplace (or workplace) can thrive for a short time if they have a great image, brand, marketing, etc., but as great as those things are they will only get you so far, because eventually people will look past the packaging and look at your actual results. And creating results is what will get you paid, whether it’s that the big contract you secure for your company or a big promotion, results is what gets you ahead. So the question is, “what can you do to get more results?” Today, I’m going to look at how you can improve your productivity so you can get more results and become more valuable in the marketplace. Here are three easy steps to get results, the key is not the simplicity of the steps but execution:

1. Prioritize the Most Important Tasks First
There’s a big difference between the ability to answer 100 emails in one day and the ability to increase revenues by 10%; when you start the work day, all those emails may seem important, but how important are they really? Before you start doing anything, the first thing you should ask yourself is “What are the 3 most important things I can accomplish or work on that will move the needle?” Or in other words what will make the most difference? After you figure that out, you should work on those things first, because they have the most value in the long run.

2. Create a Schedule
After you create a prioritize your task for each day, next thing you have to do is create a schedule; because as much as you would like to avoid it you still have to answer those emails, so it helps to set time aside for each task you plan to accomplish, but remember the most important task are the first things you do. Create a schedule of the all the things you need to do for today and then set the time when you will do work on the tasks and how long you think it will take you.McDonald’s Business Ethics Project Report

3. Track Your Progress
Productivity is a measure of efficiency, if it takes you three months to complete a task that takes someone else three weeks, then you are not not producing results at a rate that will help you stand out at work or in the marketplace (at least not stand out for good reasons). So in order to know how productive you are, you have to keep track. You can either do this by using some project management tools or benchmark yourself to others to see how efficient you are compared to other people who are doing the same or similar work.McDonald’s Business Ethics Project Report

A lot of times, people want to make things more complicated than what they need to be, although these seem like simple steps, the key isn’t in their complexity but in their execution. Getting results is all about execution and if you can increase your productivity you can increase your value whether it’s in the marketplace or in your career. The first step to increasing your value is focusing on getting results by going through the steps outlined above. So start getting results today and stay focused my friend.

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Damien Horn is the C.E.O of Horn and Shield Consulting, a personal development and management consulting company and the creator of the Optimize 360 System and Optimize University. As a Peak Performance Strategist and Optimal Living Expert, speaker and coach, Damien empowers everyday people to live extraordinary lives by helping people optimize their lives. Through biblical and marketplace principles, Damien helps people create strategies for success to further their own personal development, their career or business. Join the Success Movement at !

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