We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Tips for Creating a Winning Routine

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” Aristotle

If you followed sports long enough, you may have realize that there are a few things that separate the average athletes from the above average athletes and the above average athletes from the elite athletes. On the playing field size, talent, and athletic ability is not enough to succeed when everyone is also talented; the thing that make some athletes elite is their focus, preparation and the routines they created to perfect their craft. Legendary athletes such as Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning, are known for either their training regiments or just their daily routines period; these athletes stick to these routines religiously. These routines often dictate what they do, who they do it with and when; everything was put in a certain order to maximize their gifts. As people who want to get more out of life, career or business, creating our own routines can help us not only prepare for success but also perform at the peak of our abilities. Here are a few tips when creating a routine:

1. Have a Morning and Night Routine
Finding time to create a routine can be difficult, as we all can become busy people once the day gets started, but most of the time we don’t realize that right after you wake up or right before you go to sleep you probably already have an routine that probably includes brushing your teeth, showering, and getting ready for either for that day or the next day; so how can you add to that routine to help you maximize your gifts, for example if you’re in sales, you can visualize yourself selling something and go through your whole sales routine, what you will say, how you will respond to questions, what you wear, etc. Instead of doing right before trying to close a big sale, you will do it every day, putting yourself in different situations so you can succeed when those situations do come up. The next three points cover some factors could add in to your routine, but what else do you can add to your morning or night routine to help you become successful?

2. Create your schedule and To Do Lists
Maximizing your time is also maximizing your talents; imagine how effective you would be over a long period of time if you were able to accomplish at least 3 to 5 things every day that will get you closer to your long term goals. Finding time in your day or night routine to create a schedule and a to-do list can help you tremendously. Creating a schedule or some to do lists can help you stay on track, be consistent and improve your efficiency as well as reduce procrastination.

3. Include a Daily Evaluation
Self-reflection is a way to constantly adjust to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. Including a daily evaluation of how you are progressing for the day and how you are progressing overall towards your goal can make sure you make the necessary adjustments to help you succeed. It also gives you a way to benchmark yourself and chart your progress over time. Sometimes, we forgot how much we actually accomplish because we are always pushing forward; self-evaluation will you to take some of the bias-ness out and see effective you are (or aren’t).

4. Your Routine should Match Your Goals
The most important aspect about having a routine, is it makes sure whatever you do is in line with your goals. If you want to be a better speaker, then practice speaking daily. If you want to read more, then set time to do so and so on. So whatever your list of goals are, see what you can add to your morning or night routine that will help you reach them; the overall goal of having a routine is to help you become successful, it should be just another task or chore.

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Damien Horn is the C.E.O of Horn and Shield Consulting, a personal development and management consulting company and the creator of the Optimize 360 System and Optimize University. As a Peak Performance Strategist and Optimal Living Expert, speaker and coach, Damien empowers everyday people to live extraordinary lives by helping people optimize their lives. Through biblical and marketplace principles, Damien helps people create strategies for success to further their own personal development, their career or business. Join the Success Movement at www.damienlhorn.com !

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