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Optimize Your Business Plan

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What’s in it?

  • 130 Business Plan SectionsWith over 30 sections, Optimize Your
    Business Plan has everything you need to create a complete business plan.
  • 2Videos For Each SectionEach section is accompanied with an instructional video that explains the purpose of the section and tips to help you complete the templates .
  • 3Examples To Help You Complete The TemplateThe videos also features examples that will help you complete the section.
  • 4Multiple Options To Choose FromWith multiple options to choose from, the templates help you customize a business plan tailored specifically to your business idea.
  • 5Easy To Use FormatEasy to complete formats where you can fill in the blank or just enter the information in the template.
  • 6Save TimeThe SBA estimates it takes 400 hours to complete a business plan, with Optimize Your Business Plan you can complete your business plan in a shorter time.

What Sections are in it?

Some of the sections included in the business plan template are:

  • Objectives
  • Keys to Success
  • Market Analysis Summary/li>
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Marketing Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Organization Summary
  • Start-Up Table
  • Financial Statements

…Among many more