Finding the right speaker for an event can be difficult, often times the speaker can make or break an event. I hope my speaking page will make it a little easier to choose your next speaker. As a speaker, it is my job to make sure your audience gets the most out of the speech, which means getting they get not only information they need but also the inspiration they need, presented in a way that speaks directly to the audience. Each speaking topic is tailored to each event’s audience and their demographics using speaking points, examples, stories and references that the audience can relate to most. My goal is always to create content and experience that helps your audience get everything they need. In addition to the topics listed, I can customize a speech topic tailored specific to your audience, event or business. Some of my speaking topics include:

Optimize 360

  • Optimize Your Living: Building a Foundation for Success
  • Optimize Your Thinking: Change How you Think About Success
  • Optimize Your Success: Setting a Strategy for Success
  • Optimize Your Wealth: Discovering your Gifts to Create Wealth
  • Optimize Your Vision: Creating a Vision that Matters

Optimize Your Your Business

  • Optimize Your Future: Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Optimize Your Strategy: Strategic Planning the Right Way
  • Optimize Your Sales: Increasing Your Business’s Revenue
  • Optimize Your Organizational Culture: How to Create a High Performance Culture
  • Optimize Your Leadership: Leading People and Teams
  • Optimize Your Career: How to Advance Your Career

Optimize Your College Experience

  • Optimize Your Experience: How to get the Most out of College
  • Optimize Your Finances: The Pitfall of Student Loans and how Debt Erodes Success
  • Optimize Your Career: Steps to Landing Your Dream Job
  • Optimize Your Legacy: Using Our Past to Look To the Future (Black History Month Program)

Optimize Your Faith

  • Biblical Success Principles
  • Following God’s Law: Empowering or Restrictive?
  • Bible and Money
  • Building Men: What to Learn from the Men in the Bible